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Filipino Actresses

Joyce Jimenez



Without any shadow of a doubt, she has made her mark in Philippine cinema with
her sultry sexuality and voluptuous body. As many would agree and many more would
detest, Joyce Jimenez, nicknamed “Ang Pantasya ng Bayan,” has literally
seduced herself free from obscurity and set her name in stone in the form of Filipino

Joyce Jimenez is a Filipino-American actress who has gained fame in the Philippines
through the films that she starred. She was born as Joyce Herrin Reintegrado on
March 21, 1978 to Filipino migrant parents in Los Angeles, California. She is
one of two children in her family, the other one being her brother. She resided
La Puente, California, where she studied in Bishop Amat High School. Very soon,
she was passed the University of California exam. However, Joyce decided not to
pursue it and eventually came to the Philippines. Suffice to say, that decision
to skip college changed her life and paved the way to her unexpected future as
an actress.

Iwa Moto



A bright smile, sparkling eyes, a trendy haircut and you have Iwa Moto. Born in
August 29, 1988 in Las Piñas City, Philippines her full name is Aileen
Quimapo Iwamoto. She is more famous for being one of the final four contestants
of the reality TV show, StarStruck Batch 3. She was the runner-up for the survivor
show and lost the Ultimate Female Survivor title to Jackie Rice. Who would say
that she could have survived the Ultimate survivor challenge because no one really
knew that she had what it takes to be at the top.

Showbiz Calling

She is a relatively new entrant in the world of showbiz. Iwa was paired first
with Chuck Allie in Starstruck and then with Marky Cielo. After reaching the
final 6, she was paired with Gian Carlos and as a pair they became the prince
& princess of StarStruck. Iwa has acted in TV shows that like POSH, SOP,
Love to Love, and Bakelang Jenny. All the shows were on television in 2006.
She even took her acting to the next level, which is the movies and appeared
in Pitong Dalagita Tisha and White Lady Mimi in 2006.

Iza Calzado



Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado, popularly known as Iza Calzado is a Filipina actress/commercial
model/tv host who gained big attention in show business in May 2002. Her biggest
breaks in Philippine showbiz include teaming-up with Argentine actor Segundo Cernadas
in GMA Network's Te Amo, Maging Sino Ka Man and taking the role as Amihan in Encantadia.
Although, she considers playing the role of Mary Grace in Star Cinema's Milan
as the turning point of her career. She is considered to be one of today's most
beautiful faces in the Philippine Cinema and Young dramatic/award winning actresses.

Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado, born on August 12, 1982 was named by her father
after a modern dance legend, Isadora Duncan.

She is the daughter of choreographer and TV director Lito Calzado, and the
late Irish-Spanish-Filipina, Mary Ann Ussher. Iza's brother, Dash, is a member
of Legit Misfitz, a Pinoy rap group.

In the late 1990s, she finished her high school in Miriam College and after
which finished her undergraduate education in the University of Santo Tomas
with a degree in Fine Arts.

Heart Evangelista



Heart Evangelista was born as Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco to Reynaldo and Cecilia
Ongpauco, on February 14, 1985. She is the youngest of the six siblings that include
a brother (Miguel) and four sisters (Lisa, Marjorie, Michelle and Camille). Evangelista
belongs to the Ongpauco clan of Barrio Fiesta fame. Rod Ongpauco is her uncle,
who is also the founder of the famous Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants. Her
father, Reynaldi Ongpauco is the man responsible for laying the foundation of
many branches of the Barrio Fiesta restaurants in San Francisco. In a way, Evangelista
was born with a silver spoon and she was bought up in the United States. Once
she completed her studies, her family moved back to Philippines.

Showbiz Calling

Popularity was never far away for Evangelista and today, she is looked upon
as one of the most popular and multi-talented personality. Heart is a true Filipina
actress, singer, VJ and model. It all started when an agent spotted her during
one of her shopping day outs with Camille, her elder sister. Evangelista was
soon signed for Star Magic, which was formerly known as the Talent Center.

Gretchen Barretto


Gretchen BarettoBiography

Speak of controversies and more often than not, you’ll also hear Gretchen
Barretto’s name. Indeed, it seems like there’s no escaping for La Greta
when it comes to intrigues. But Gretchen has fared well through the years, and
everyone can attribute it to her candidness, honesty, and sincerity.

Gretchen Barretto was born on March 17, 1969, to Miguel Alvier and Estrella. She
has six siblings, namely, Gia, Mito, Jay-Jay, Mitchie, Claudine , and Marjorie.
The last two are also stars in their own right, while her sister Gia is based
in Boston as a teacher.

The sexy and alabaster-skinned Gretchen is known as Screen Goddess of Philippine
Cinema—and rightfully so. She first started out as a regular host of the
GMA Supershow, a very popular Sunday noontime variety show during the 1980s
and 1990s. Her exposure helped her hone her hosting skills, which shall become
very useful later on. Aside from that, she was also very busy doing movies.

Gwen Garci


Garci had originally chosen the name Gwen Garcia, but because so many actors and
actresses in the Philippines already used the last name Garcia, her manager (Jessica
Rodriguez) convinced her to drop the last letter. Although she has done various
genres of film, Garci is an actress primarily in the erotica genre—most films
have some erotic or secual overtones. She has also performed in a DVD instruction
video on seductive stripping.


Born Mai Lee Ang in the Philippines, Gwen Garci has a variegated heritage. She
is Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Filipino, and claims to belong to a Chinese
clan. Before her acting career was launched in 2003, Garci started her show
business life at age 16, winning the 1997 Body Shots contest. Soon after her
win in Baguio, Philippines, she began a career as a model. However, Garci was
not meant to be restricted to posing and runways—Vic del Rosario (Viva
Hot Babes ) discovered her talent and brought her into the world of acting.

Gloria Romero



You can’t put a good woman down. This is how a person can describe Gloria
Romero. All these years, she has proven herself to be one of the formidable actresses
in Philippine showbiz industry with her talent, beauty, glamour, and kind personality.

Gloria Galla wasn’t actually born in the Philippines but in Denver, Colorado,
in 1933. She is half-Filipina, being her mother, Mary Borrego, a pure American.
Her father, Pedro Galla, meanwhile, worked in America at that time.

It was supposed to be a visit in Pangasinan that prompted the entire Galla
family to come here in the Philippines. However, months turned into years, until
Gloria’s mother died, and she studied and graduated in Riverview High School.

Her ticket to fame could be attributed to Nario Rosales, her uncle, who worked
at Sampaguita Studios as chief editor. This allowed her to visit movie and TV
shoots as often as she could. Because of her innate beauty, Sampaguita decided
to giver her a try, landing in cameo roles in a number of films before she was
given her own bill Kasintahan sa Pangarap, a movie she starred alongside Tita
Duran and Pancho Magalona.

The transformation of Gloria, however, happened when she portrayed as the daughter
of Alicia Vergel and Cesar Ramirez in Madame X. Producers then gave her a more
appealing and dramatic moniker: Gloria Romero. Soon, variety of films landed
on her lap until she did Monghita in 1952, which officially sealed her credibility
as a performing artist and catapulted her to sheer stardom.

Francine Prieto


Francine PrietoBiography

Not a lot of people know that Francine Prieto has been in the business for more
than 20 years. But as they say, it’s not only beauty, brains, and talent
that can get you the most coveted crown. You need to spice things up a bit with
patience, determination and some luck.

Francine Prieto was born Anna Marie Falcon on September 19, 1982. She is of Norwegian-Filipino
descent. She failed to see her real father who left them even before she was born.

The buxom lady started out in show business at a very young age of 3. She was
first cast as the young version of Narda in one of the movie versions of Darna.
In TV, she was Criselda, a tearjerker shown in ABC 5. She was only 10 years old.
But stardom was aloof. So she tried again, joining the very popular youth-oriented
show That’s Entertainment and went into modeling where she met Larry Espinosa.

Ehra Madrigal



Wow! Celebrities feature on Ehra Madrigal, including pictures, biography, video,
related news, and facts.

Born June 25, 1985- Ehra Madrigal made her television debut as one of the
minor characters in the TV hit fantasy-series in GMA 7, Mulawin. From then on,
her success continuously come her way wherein from a wholesome image, she actually
turned out to be one of the sexiest women in the Philippines in her generation
as voted by the public in For Him Magazine (FHM).

Who is Ehra BEFORE?

Geralyn Madrigal Gaspar (Ehra as her screen name) describes herself as a shy,
timid and loner type of person which most people don’t know about her.
She actually prefers going to shopping malls alone just through riding taxi
cab because according to her, even though she is a celebrity now, she cannot
still afford to buy a new car for herself so she actually commute or ride the
MRT whenever she goies to her tapings in GMA Network Center.

Dawn Zulueta



She was one of the most captivating faces in Philippine cinema. But more than
her physical attributes, Dawn became famous because of her childlike innocence
yet strong acting prowess. She can transform from a party brat to a cheating woman
or someone who’s desperately asking for the love of the man of her dreams.

Dawn Zulueta was born Marie Rachel Taleon Salman on March 4, 1969. Her father
was Jose Fazil Taleon, while her mother was Jewish and named Maria Cleofe Salman.
She used to have an average childhood, attending classes at Karilagan and in Assumption
College as well as Colegio de Santa Rosa.

However, such a pretty face, combined with height, would never go unnoticed.
She later appeared on a television commercial, where she caught the eye of the
owners of Viva Films, Mina Aragon and Vic del Rosario. They were the ones who
were able to convince Dawn to try out show business.

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