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pinoy movies - filipino movies Can a love that bloomed under a Blue Moon truly last forever?

At a quiet home in Boston, Massachusetts, an elderly Filipina named Corazon (Boots Anson-Roa) is writing a love letter. Knowing she doesnt have much time left, Corazon is writing to every man named Manuel Pineda whos listed in the Philippine directory, identifying herself as his long-lost love. In the Philippines, an elderly man named Manuel Pineda (Eddie Garcia) is diagnosed with cancer, and told he only has a few months to live. Manuel decides that before he dies, he wants to find the woman he loves most, whom he hasnt seen in decades: Corazon. Such is the dramatic opening of emotional “Blue Moon, a hopeful, moving love story that spans many decades.

“Blue Moon follows Manuels daunting search for Corazon all over the Philippines. Hes joined by his emotionally distant son Rod (Christopher de Leon), and recently-separated grandson Kyle (Dennis Trillo). As Rod and Kyle accompany Manuel in his search for his lady love, they discover that there were actually two ladies named Corazon in Manuels life: the nurse whom Manuel married after World War 2, and the spunky girl who was Manuels first love in 1938.

The blossoming of young love between the dashing young Manuel (Mark Herras) and the two Corazons (Jennylyn Mercado and Pauleen Luna) in the Forties is counterpointed with the dying Manuels search for his one true love in the present day. But which Corazon is it, and will he find her before he joins his Creator?

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