Vhong Navarro



Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro, more popularly known as Vhong, is an actor, singer,
dancer, TV host, and product endorser. He is best known for his comedic performances
as well as beguiling dance moves as part of the Streeboys. He was discovered,
and continues to be managed by, Chito S. Roño. He has more than 35 movies
and TV shows in lead and supporting roles to his name.

Vhong was a Best Actor nominee of the Gawad Urian Awards in 2003 for his portrayal
of Kulas in Jologs, which was directed by Gilbert Perez. Before that, he only
had supporting roles in movies like Banyo Queen, Oops Teka Lang Diskarte Ko 'To,
Anghel Dela Guardia, May Pag-ibig Pa Kaya?, Got 2 Believe, Pinay Pie, Labs Kita
... Okey Ka Lang, Istokwa, Separada, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, and Tugatog.

But it was his roles in comedy films like Cass & Cary: Who Wants to Be
a Billionaire?, Mr. Suave, and Gagamboy that made him popular to young and old
audiences. Vhong has finally reached leading man status and was given a chance
to further cement his fame in box-office hits like Supah PapaLicious, Agent
X44, D'Anothers, and Otso-Otso Pamela One.

Vhong is also a regular host of ASAP, a Sunday noontime variety show of ABS-CBN.
He was also credited as a host for shows like Gudtaym, Yes Yes Show, Wazzup
Wazzup, MTB Ang Saya Saya, Pirated CD (Celebrity Disguise), and Super Laff-in.

His TV work was not limited to hosting. Vhong was the lead star of Mars Ravelo's
Lastikman TV series in 2007. In that weekday show, he further showed his acting
prowess in equal measures of comedy, drama, and action. Vhong played the role
of Miguel who transforms into a superhero who came from another planet. His
love interest was named Yellena White, portrayed by Iya Villania.

Before his lead role in Lastikman, Vhong has appeared as supporting characters
in sitcoms like Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis with Cesar Montano and Maricel
Soriano, Pwedeng-pwede, Whattamen, and Home Along Da Riles. He also appeared
in episodes of Love Spell in 2006 and I Am KC: Love to Dance in 2008. He was
selected to play Bea Alonzo’s friend in I Love Betty La Fea.

Besides dancing, Vhong also tried his hand as a recording artist . His debut
single "Pamela One "became a dance craze and was made into a movie
in 2004. It received massive radio airplay ,and Vhong's album sold more than
60,000 units. The follow-up album with the song "Totoy Bibbo" also
claimed double platinum status. His "Don Romantiko" song also met
similar success.

Vhong was born on January 4, 1977, and has two sons. His marriage to actress
Lalaine Bianca Lapus was annulled . He has endorsed products and appeared in
commercials for Sprite, Pop-Cola, Jag Thug & Jag Jeans, Enervon Multivitamins,
Payless Fiesta Bihon Chicken Guisado, and Bayantel Wireless Landline. He is
one of few celebrities who sang a jingle for radio station WRR 101.9.