Vic Sotto



Funny Man Vic Sotto is likely the only actor candidate to be the next King of
Comedy in the Philippines. Aside from consistently in show business for 3 decades
now, he had numerous box office hit movies (and keeps on producing) under his
belt. Now, he is also producing his own comedy TV shows that are highly rated
and remain as one of the pillars of longest running noontime “Eat…Bulaga!”
Yet, Vic is quick to withdraw from being the next King, as he would like to have
an identity of his own.

Belonging to a family with 4 older brothers, Val (an actor), Tito (actor/politician)
and Maru, Marivic Sotto or simply known as Vic Sotto, grew up as a quiet and
solitary young man. That did not last too long though when he embark the entertainment

Trio in the Making

Vic started his career as a folk singer and guitarist. He then joined his brothers
Tito, Val in a gag show “OK Lang” under IBC-13 TV Network. This is
where he bumps into another comedian Joey De Leon . Joey became a co-host of
about to be axed variety show Discorama and eventually invited the brothers
to join him. The rapport of the three draw audiences, thus, the trio of Tito,
Vic and Joey (TVJ) was born. They were casted with more shows, like “TODAS”,
“Iskul Bukol” and “Eat…Bulaga!” Featured in many comedy
movies such as “Horsie, horsie, tigidig, tigidig”, “Ano bay an?”,
“Goodah”, “Give Me five”, “Shoot that ball” and
to name a few. During these years, the talented Vic Sotto is also the lead vocalist
of the singing group VST & Company. Producing classic hit songs like “Ipagpatawad
Mo”, “Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko”, “Bakit Ba Ganyan?”,
“Bongga Ka Day”, “Annie Batumbakal” and others.

Solo Flight

Soon after his brother Tito pursued public service, Vic worked on his solo career.
Producing movies and TV sitcoms such as “Si Malakas at si Maganda”,
“Twist: Ako si ikaw, ikaw si ako”, “Tunay na magkaibigan”,
“Ok ka fairy ko” and more.

Though Vic is continually successful, his love life is the very antithesis
of his career. His marriage with dramatic actress Dina Bonnevie ended after
couple of years. Their relationship produced two children namely, Oyo Boy and
Danica. Both are also now in the footlights. After that, Vic had two more marriages
with actresses Coney Reyes and Angela Luz that have bitter endings.

The mass appeal and comic style of Vic produced more sellout movies. In year
2004, 2005 and 2006, he won the Box Office King Award.

Evidently, there’s no sign for this comedian/singer/writer/businessman
from stopping. His fame, success, influence, and generosity labeled him as the
“Bossing” (big boss) of Philippines Entertainment World.