Richard Gutierrez


young and talented Richard Gutierrez has spent much of his life in front of the
camera as a model and actor, and even formed his own music production company.
He comes from a family of talented performers, and is currently the highest paid
young actor in the Philippines. With a combined total of 27 movie and television
credits aired as of this writing, as well as several awards, it’s no wonder.


Richard Kristian Gutierrez was one of a pair of twins born in Beverly Hills,
California, on January 21, 1984. He and his twin brother, Raymond, were child
stars together, and his other siblings are also involved in show business. It
seems to run in the family—their parents are Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle
Rama, both veterans of the Philippine screen. Richard Gutierrez has also helped
another brother, Richie Paul Gutierrez, produce an album.While he was still
in school, Gutierrez preferred to let his acting slide awhile, but soon afterward
he was back in the television and movie studios with new projects. The television
series “Mulawin” proved to be a turning point, after which Gutierrez
began his full time professional career.


Gutierrez has received much recognition for his talents, including the Mr. FAMAS
Popularity Award, Male Star of the Night from Metro Manila Film Festival, and
the box Office Entertainment Awards’ Prince of Philippine Movies and TV.
Between 1987 and 2006, he appeared or starred in 12 television shows, 15 movies,
and started a music production company with his brothers (Elvis, Raymond, and
Richie Paul). Iced Out Productions was created to produce mainly rap albums,
one of them belonging to Richie Paul.

And what is his most recent project? Fans can see Gutierrez latest work in
a series called “Mars Ravelo’s Captain Barbell,” a fantasy-based
superhero series. The GMA Network-produced show will air in the Philippines.
In 2007, Gutierrez and GMA will bring fans “Lupin II,” the first anime
show done with a soap format. In 2007 Gutierrez will also star in a new movie
“The Promise.”

Also called Chard and Ricardo, Gutierrez also enjoys martial arts and sports,
and hopes to produce films and videos someday.