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A daughter's search for her real mom


pinoy movies - filipino movies A common anecdote in local showbiz is that the number of one’s family members grows in direct proportion to one’s popularity. Unfortunately for Angeline Quinto, worldwide fame never brought out the one person she wants to see—her birth mother.

"Sa totoo lang gustong-gusto ko na siyang makikala. Bata pa lang ako lagi kong tinatanong kung nasaan siya," Angeline said with sadness.

Piolo: ‘I will never lose trust in myself’


pinoy movies - filipino movies Being one of the most bankable actors today, Piolo Pascual dispelled talks about network transfers, saying that there is no reason for him to leave ABS-CBN and Star Magic, which has long managed his career.

“Ayaw kong isipin at hindi naman siguro dapat isipin. I don't think there's a reason for that, para umalis ng Star Magic, kaya hindi ko po iniisip iyon," Piolo said at the press conference of Star Magic’s 20th anniversary in ELJ Building in ABS-CBN compound on Tuesday, March 13.

Last year, a stream of artists switched networks, but Piolo cited personal loyalties as one reason he stays put.

“Sana dito na ako tumanda,” he said. “Sobrang sakit siguro kapag dumating ang panahon na kailangan mong umalis. Pero sobra kasi dito yung family, eh. Hindi na trabaho, it's really personal na ang relationship mo, from Mr. M to Tita Mariole (Star Magic executives Johnny Manahan and Mariole Alberto), down the line to the road managers, artists to the handlers.”

In photos: Charice through the years


pinoy movies - filipino movies A very young Charice Pempengco attends party at Shrine during the Grand Opening Weekend Celebration at MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort & Casino on May 17, 2008 in Ledyard, CT. (Getty Images)

Filipino Bands - Orange and Lemons Profile


the name Orange and Lemons?

The band name “Oranges and Lemons” was recommended by a former member
of the group. Apparently the band was not aware at that time that the name was
actually derived from a British nursery rhyme and a title of an album by the
British band “XTC”. So they changed it to “Orange and Lemons”.

Orange and Lemons’ Sounds?

Orange and Lemons is a Filipino pop rock band. Plays pinoy pop/rock.

Band Members

¦-Clem Castro (electric guitar/vocals)

¦-Mcoy Fundales (acoustic guitar/Vocals)

¦-JM Del Mundo (bass guitar)

¦-Ace Del Mundo (drums).

Band History

Clementine and Mcoy Fundales met in high school in the mid 90’s.

Filipino Bands - MYMP Make Your Mama Proud


is an acoustic band from the Philippines that the young and the romantics at heart
admire for their soulful originals and remakes. MYMP has gone from a four-piece
band to an acoustic duo over the years, but that hasn’t stopped them from
attracting crowds at their appearances, producing hit singles, and bagging awards
for their music. The group has undergone various personnel changes over the years,
but it hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the Philippines most popular
easy rock bands.


Make Your Mama Proud was once a very different band from what it is today. It
started as a four-piece all male rock band, then evolved to a trio. While still
a three-piece group, they were discovered by Raymond Ryan, who manages iFM radion
station. He worked with a producer to help the group put together their first
album, “Soulful Acoustic.” This album hit platinum sales and began
the musical career or MYMP; soon afterward, Ivory records signed them.

Filipino Bands - Mayonnaise Pinoy Banda


the name Mayonnaise?

Apparently the band is a big fan of Smashing Pumpkins. One of the S’pumpkins’
songs is ‘Mayonnaise’ and they named the band after that.

Mayonnaise’s Sounds?

Pop, Pop/Rock

Band History

Band Members

-Monty Macalino - guitars, vocals

-Lee Maningas - bass

-Cian Regalado - drums

-Paga Manikan - guitars


-Mayonnaise (Sony BMG Music Entertainment/VAMP Records): self-titled debut
album (2005)

-Paano Nangyari Yun? (2006)

Filipino Bands - Mojofly Pinoy Banda


the name Mojofly?

“one word; all caps; no meaning except their music”

Mojofly’s Sound?


Band [Hi]story?

Formed in ‘99 by bassist Ricci Gurango after his departure from Hungry
Young Poets, MOJOFLY reeled in mainstream and alternative crowds alike with
the debut album Birth Day (1999) and sophomore offering A Million Stories (2002),
both released under Sony Music Philippines.

Then-lead singer Kitchie Nadal helped propel singles such as Another Day and
Scooter Boy to national recognition. But in May 2003, Nadal left the group to
embark on a solo career. Rea more…

Band Members?

-¦Maria Lourdes Grace Basabas - vocals

-¦Allan Edward Cachon Elgar - guitar

-¦Angelo Alihaj Diaz Alejandro - drums

Filipino Bands - Moonstar 88 Profile


the name Moonstar 88?

Apparently the band had a gig and they still don’t have a name for their
group. They have a list then and have to pick one up before its their turn to
perform. Moonstar was one of the many names on that list. They picked Moonstar
88 because apparently, they are performer number 88.

Moonstar 88’s sounds?

Moonstar 88 credits the different kinds of music that each member listens to
for their distinct sound. Bittersweet pop with a dash of spunk pop (from YahooGroup)

Band [Hi]story

They started out like most indie bands, who submitted a demo CD to different
record companies, but one company took them in: Alpha Records. Two of their
members, Acel Bisa (former lead vocalist) and Paolo Bernaldo used to be with
the band Orphan Lily in the mid 1990’s.

Band Members

¦-Maychelle Baay (Lemon Tears) - vocals/guitars

¦-Paolo Bernaldo (Orphan Lily) - bass

¦-Bon Sundiang (Chocolate Beef) - drums

¦-Herbert Hernandez (Angel in Disguise) - guitars

Filipino Bands - Kamikazee Band



Kamikazee is the name of a popular rock band from the Philippines. The band is
Allan "Bords" Burdeos (drums), Jay Contreras (Lead Vocalist), Jomal
Linao (Guitars/Back-up Vocals), Led Zeppelin Tuyay (Guitars), and Jason "Puto"
Astete (Bass Guitar).

The band’s name speaks volumes of the band’s philosophy – pure
passion and fearless music! The music they make will leave you exhausted, exhilarated
and yearning for more…and Kamikazee is fast gaining the reputation as being
one of the most explosive bands in the Fil music arena.

Their own music ranges from heartbreaking, to fun and light prankster music.
Their song lyrics exhibit a rarely found creativity, singular wit and compassion
to speak of the truth with wild abandon. The band members united due to their
common love for music, fun and a desire to make it big while studying at the
U.P. Fine Arts Department. Their favourite music bands are Parokya Ni Edgar
, Cheese, The Eraserheads, Deftones, New Found Glory, Slipknot and Pantera.

Filipino Bands - Kjwan Pinoy Banda



Alternative pinoy rock

Band History

Long-time friends and former high school band-mates Marc Abaya (vocals) and
Kelley Mangahas (bass) got together with fellow Ateneans Jorel Corpus (guitar)
and J-hoon Balbuena (drums) to form the band’s initial lineup. They were
joined in 2004 by Boogie Romero (second guitar), another high school friend
and former band-mate of Marc and Kelley, soon after the release of their self-titled
debut album.

Band Members

Ramon Marcelino “Marc” Abaya - vocals

J-Hoon Balbuena - drums

Kelley Mangahas - bass

Boogie Romero - guitars

Jorel Corpus - guitars



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