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Filipino Bands - Callalily


name denotes a very delicate flower, but Callalily is far from that. In fact,
the name doesn’t come from anything floral. It is derived from a local bread
that the lead vocalist learned to love just as the group is starting

Callalily is one of the fastest-rising pop rock band in Philippine music industry.
After they signed a contract under Sony BMG, the production outfit—which
also made names for 6CycleMind, Cueshe , and Brownman Revival—they started
releasing hit after hit. In fact, their first single, launched in 2006, entitled
Stars is one of the radio station’s most requested songs. Their music video
also conquered top music channels such as Myx, where it emerged no.1 and eventually
nominated as Favorite Song in the recently concluded Myx Awards 2007. They also
received nominations in NU Rock Awards and Awit Awards for the same track at the
same year.

Take My Hand, which was their second single, didn’t do as well as the
first, only ranking third in the weekly hit charts. Nevertheless, they were
able to pull it off with their third single entitled Magbalik. So popular it
was that it remained in the first spot for 7 straight weeks, beating Stars,
which only lasted for three weeks.

Filipino Bands - Cueshe


is not just the story of a band, it is also the story of how five talented, young
firebrands defied the odds and became the most successful band in the country.
The five boys have now grown up to be men. Drummer/band leader Mike Manaloto,
vocalist Jay Justiniani, bassist Fritz Labrado, guitarist Ruben Caballero, lead
guitarist Jovan Mabini, and keyboardist Jhunjie Dosdos drive Cueshé. They
make the band complete with their perfect sense of harmony, rhythm energy, and
melody. Of course the name of the band is meaningless for just about anyone except
the band members. According to Mike, Cueshé took its cue from the sugar-fried

The band was initially named as Green Horn but later on, it was dropped and
christened Cueshé instead. Mike, the leader of the Cueshé gang
used to sell cigarettes to make a living, while Fritz used to ferry passengers
on his jeep. Living together sharing a small apartment and noodles is how the
band grew up. They have lived beyond the speculations made by critics who branded
them as a one hit wonder but Cueshé never really gave up. They have released
their debut album called Half Empty, Half Full, with Sony-BMG Music Entertainment.

Filipino Bands - Chicosci Profile


is short for Chico Science. They were first named Chico Science in homage to the
Brazilian musician of same name. They later shortened this to Chicosci in order
to avoid confusion with the Brazilian artist.

Band History

Five years ago (2000?), what was going to be chicosci was initially a band
of four high school friends that went under the names, seven, dickies and chiznitz.

The group played the requisite school fairs and variety shows, later graduating
to a few of Manila’s rock dives. After winning a school and band competition,
they decided to use the prize money to record their first demo. A wise investment
because a recording contract with Octoarts, EMI soon followed. In August 2000,
chicosci released their debut album, “Revenge of the Giant”. Read

Band Members

Miguel Chavez - Vocalist

Carlos Calderon - Bassist

Joel Salvador - Drummer

Sonny Baquisal - Guitars

Mong Alcaras - Guitars

Filipino Bands - Chillitees Pinoy Banda


Pinoy Banda

Why the name Chillitees?

The name Chillitees was derived from one of UP’s tastiest food, chili

Chillitees’ Sounds?

Pinoy rock

Band Members

Ryan Armamento

Dan Gil - guitars

Gino Cruz - keyboards

Tim de Ramos - guitars

Paolo Lim - drums

Filipino Bands - Bamboo Band


examine Bamboo’s story so far is to take a microscopic view of the local
music scene. It all starts with a dream. Taking inspiration from all the demigods
that sang to them from their crabby speakers, spewing wisdom and good vibes out
of worn out cassettes long before an apple gave birth to a pod, they pick up an
instrument, string up some riffs, weave some melodies, sing a few songs. Before
they knew it, they had sold their soul to the music, and the mistress exacts a
high price. The goal—first, an album; a single on radio; do some gigs; then
dream of playing the foreign shores. The cycle should grow exponentially, in theory.
Yet as the proverb goes, many are called but only a few (and fewer still) are

Bamboo’s story is one that many admire and aspire to duplicate, yet would
never fully admit. It started with a simple phone call. Bamboo Mañalac,
who at that time had been living and studying in the U.S., made a call to an
old friend back home who, he learned, had quit the band he had once fronted.
Nathan Azarcon, in fact, had been out doing his own thing for almost a year
already, and had been playing with bands like Kapatid and Makatha.

“At some point in the conversation, I asked him, what do you think of
me going back there,” Bamboo recalls.

Filipino Bands - Agaw Agimat Profile


Agimat’s Sound?

They have their own brand of alternative/punk.

Band Members

¦QT Paduano Nadela - Vocalist

Renmin Nadela - Drummer

Hank Palenzuela - Bassist

Jephthah Wencesla - Guitarist


¦“Ayaw Mo na!”


Batang Lansangan”



I Hab 2 Hands”

Kahit Na”

Kalye 2000?

Filipino Bands - The Automatics Pinoy Banda


Why the name Automatics?

There are several reasons. Partly from Blondie’s album called AutoAmerican.
They prefer Automatics since AutoPinoy doesn’t have a ring to it…
It may also have something to do with the original vocalist’s surname,

Band history?

It started as a joke between yours Alex Paita and Heidi Pascual (keyboards,
vox), in mid-2005, back when she was working in the same office as me. Then
things got serious.

Weeks later, Alex asked JP Balboa, who’s a good friend, to play bass and
Lloyd, my cousin, to do drums.

Band Members?

Heidi Pascual - vocals and keyboards (organ)

Alex - guitars and vocals

JP Balboa - bass and backup vocals

Gep Gojira - drums and backup vocals

Filipino Athletes - Visitacion Badana


Visitacion Badana brought home the gold medal in the long jump event from the 1958 Tokyo Asiad.

Filipino Athletes - Teofilo Yldefonso


Yldefonso is considered as the finest Filipino swimmer ever. Known as the "Ilocano
Shark", Yldefonso is best remembered for accomplishing two feats: being the
first Filipino to win an Olympic medal and the only Filipino who won two Olympic
medals. He won his first bronze medal at the 200-meter breaststroke event in the
1928 Amsterdam Olympics and his second bronze at the same event in the 1932 Los
Angeles Olympics. His fastest time was 2 minutes and 48.4 seconds in the 200-meter
breaststroke. Yldefonso was born in Piddig town, Ilocos Norte province.

Filipino Athletes - Tshomlee Go


Go won a silver medal in the flyweight division of the World Cup Taekwondo 2001
Championships held in Vietnam. Before this, God also won a silver medal in the
Asian Championship and a bronze medal in the US Open.

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