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How to Publish Movie Scripts


Screenplays, or scripts, are blueprints for movies, so the actual publication of one is typically when the final product—the movie—is released. There are circumstances, however, when the scripts themselves are published, either alone or in a collection of screenplays. The primary reason for publishing a screenplay is for educational purposes, as a tool to allow other screenwriters to analyze structure and format. If you have a script to publish, locating a publisher who specializes in handling the narrow target audience is key to getting your movie script published.

How to Stream Free Online Movies


It seems that everyone at some point tries to find a way to see movies for free online. There are plenty of sites that claim to provide free films, but many of them can't be trusted. You should not have to enable spyware scanners and update your virus definitions every time you dare to use such a site. Some established commercial sites do have free streamed movies, but all of them have limited selections.

How to Analyze Movies


A true movie critic must know how to explain why a movie works or doesn't work, looking beyond the obvious elements added to sell a movie to the audience. You've got to analyze the specific details that allow viewers to experience the story on many levels. Grab your notebook, head to the theater, and prepare to enter the world of the movie critic.

How to Make a Successful Movie


Everyone loves watching a movie. From the early days of the silent film to the modern-day box-office blockbuster, Hollywood has made a business of meeting the needs of theatergoers. As a result, many up-and-coming filmmakers move to places like Hollywood and New York to enroll in film school in the hopes that their films will become the next big hits. The success or failure of a movie depends of a number of factors. It takes careful planning and execution to make a successful movie.

How to Put a Movie on a Micro SD Card


Putting a movie on a micro SD card gives you the capability to have a movie on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or camera. How many movies or the length of movies depends on how much storage capacity is on the card.

How to Make a Silent Movie


Silent movies are a fun way to tell a story. Whether you do them in black and white like the old time movies or in color, a silent movie still takes a lot of planning. Here are a few guidelines to help you make a silent movie.

How to Forget About A Horror Movie


You enjoy watching horror movies, but sometimes you see a scene so graphic and disturbing that you just can't get it out of your mind. Or you may hate horror movies, but you decided to watch one with your friends, and now you regret it. Whatever your situation is, you have seen something scary that you would rather not remember. Graphic violence and terror has a lasting effect on people's minds, even if they know it isn't real. There are a few things you can do to relax and forget about the horror you experienced.

How to Teach Your Teens to Count Their Blessings


Most teens take certain things for granted, like security, comfort and well-being. They will develop into adults who continue to have this perspective unless their parents intervene and teach them how to count their blessings. If your child will soon be a teen, take steps to make sure he maintains a grateful attitude. Doing this now might help him avoid being complacent about his present blessings and those he will have in the future.

How Do I Block or Put a Password on the Internet for Kids?


There is content on the Internet that is not appropriate for children. To prevent a child from accessing objectionable material you can use the built-in parental control feature in the Web browser to set rating levels. Content on the Internet which does not fall within the set rating levels is restricted. Only the person(s) who has the supervisor password can access this restricted content. If you have Windows 7 or Vista you can also use parental controls to block your child's Internet access altogether.

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